Major Activities

State Income

The State Income section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS), Punjab prepares annual estimates of State Gross & Net Domestic Products at current and constant prices and related aggregates like Net Domestic Product per capita, sectoral composition of GSDP etc. as per the methodology provided by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), MOSPI, GoI. After re-organisation of the State, SDP estimates of Punjab were prepared first time in 1967 by the Directorate of Statistics (DoS) with base year 1960-61 at constant prices. From 2010 these estimates are being prepared on base year (2004-2005).
   Following State Income estimates are published annually:

  • GSDP by economic activity at current prices;
  • GSDP by economic activity at constant (2004-2005) prices;
  • NSDP by economic activity at current prices;
  • NSDP by economic activity at constant (2004-2005) prices; and Per capita income
    at current and constant prices.

Capital Formation

Capital Formation section prepares annual estimates of Gross Fixed Capital formation for all the 13 sectors of the economy at current and constant prices for public & private sectors. These estimates are compiled Asset-wise, Institution-wise and Industry-wise for the State as a whole. Latest estimates for Capital Formation have been prepared for the year 2010-11 at current and constant (2004-05) Prices.

Public Finance Statistics

The Public Finance section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) analyses State Government budget and budgets of Municipal Corporations/Councils and Nagar Panchayats. This section also compiles the accounts of Rural Local Bodies. Macro-economic data regarding Public Finance is maintained and supplied to various users.

"The Economic and Functional Classification of Budget" is prepared annually on the basis of State Budget presented in the budget session of State Legislative Assembly.

"The Economic & Functional Classification of M.C. Budget" is also prepared on the basis of the budget of municipal committees/corporations which exhibits the detailed information regarding revenue and expenditure and other financial transactions of these committees and corporations.

“State Finances- A Comparison” The basic statistics relating to revenue receipts and revenue expenditure of all the States in India are compiled and published annually in the publication.

Statistical Abstract of Punjab

Statistical Abstract is the major publication of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) containing comprehensive data on various socio-economic and administrative aspects of the State. This publication is brought out annually by the compilation section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) which is presented in the Budget Session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha along with other documents. This publication is very useful to planners, scholars and to those who are engaged in research and economic analysis. It is a Macro level data publication.

Economic Survey of Punjab

Economic Survey of Punjab is brought out annually and presented in the Budget session of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. It contains an overview of the state's economy and emerging trends of various socio-economic aspects of the state are highlighted.

Village Directory

The Village Directory prepared annually by the Field Operation Section of this Organisation, covers over 250 items of village-wise data. This village/block-wise information is collected by the Investigator posted at Block level. This presents the micro & village level rural data of Punjab.

Demography Statistics

Demography Statistics are prepared by Demography Section in the form of following publications:
  • Census of Punjab Govt. and Semi-Govt. Employees: It includes the number of employees working in various Govt. offices, Boards, Corporations, Aided Institutions and Local Govt. Bodies as on 31st March. The information of previous financial year is compiled department/institutions-wise, pay scale-wise, group-wise, social category-wise and district-wise. The expenditure made on the salaries of Govt. employees during respective year is also worked out in the report.
  • Municipal Statistics: It contains District/Municipality-wise statistics pertaining to area and population, vital health, educational and cultural and sports facilities, public utilities, housing, roads and communication, employment, banking, veterinary facilities, rest houses, fillingstations and gas agencies etc.

National Sample Survey (NSS) and Tabulation

The NSS Unit of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) works in collaboration with National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) Govt. of India. This unit participates in the NSSO’s programme of socio-economic surveys by canvassing NSSO’s schedules for various rounds as a State sample. The NSSO, GOI conducts surveys at National level in the form of successive rounds. Each round covers the topics of some current interest. The object of collection of data through NSS scheme is first to obtain exclusive sample results for the State of Punjab and for its onward transmission to NSSO for pooling of Central and State sample results and secondly to provide statistical information to various government departments as and when required by them.

The subject coverage of the socio-economic surveys undertaken by NSSO confirms to a well-defined cycle of the surveys extending over a period of 10 years. Surveys on Consumer Expenditure, Employment and Unemployment, Manufacturing establishments and enterprises, trading establishments and enterprises in the un-organized sectors are repeated once in five years while subjects like land holdings, livestock holding, debt and investment are covered once in ten years.

The Tabulation Section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) deals with the tabulation of data collected by NSS Unit for different rounds of National Sample Surveys. Tabulation of data is done according to the guidelines/instructions provided by NSSO, GoI. After processing of data, the required tables are generated and the results are submitted in the form of a draft report to NSSO for approval. The latest report has been released for the 63rd Round of NSSO.

Index for Industrial Production (IIP)

The industry section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) compiles the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) annually. From the year 2012-13 onwards, the base year of IIP has been charged to the year 2004-05 form the earlier base of 1993-94. The information of selected units is collected quarterly from District Industry Centers in districts, Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd and National Fertilizer Ltd and compiled at the state level. IIP is an indicator of the state of industrial growth and is therefore useful for planners, entrepreneurs and researchers. IIP is published in the State Statistical Abstract and Economic Survey of Punjab.

Annual Survey of Industries

The industry section of Directorate of Statistics (DoS) also prepares the District wise estimates for some key indicators based on Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) summary results which are collected by Central Statistical Office, Kolkata (Govt. of India).

Price Statistics

  • Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers: Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers [CPI (IW)] are being compiled, maintained and disseminated by Directorate of Statistics (DoS). For this purpose, weekly retail and wholesale prices are collected by District Statistical Offices from six selected centres namely Abohar, Bathinda, Dhariwal, Nangal, Patiala and Phagwara. The index has a base year of 1987=100. These Index Numbers are being utilized for fixation and revision of wages & determination of variable dearness allowances payable to workers in organized sectors of the economy in Punjab.
  • Wholesale Price Index:The bulletin of Wholesale Prices is prepared on monthly basis and it’s based on wholesale prices of 57 commodities collected from selected 40 Market Committees, along with four district statistical offices namely Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Patiala.
  • Agricultural Labour Wages:Wages paid to Agricultural and Skilled Labourers are collected every month from the selected one village of each district. The compiled information on Agricultural Labour Wages is being sent to Govt. of India and other offices both in and outside Punjab as and when desired by them
  • Monitoring of prices of essential commodities:Weekly retail prices of 15 essential commodities in the State are regularly monitored. These prices are collected from all the district headquarters. The yearly averages of retail prices of these commodities are published in the Statistical Abstract of Punjab.

Plan Evaluation

Plan Evaluation section in Directorate of Statistics (DoS) undertakes evaluation surveys and studies regarding plan programmes/schemes to identify bottlenecks in their implementation and give suggestions for necessary corrective measures. Since its inception, this section has conducted 162 evaluation studies which are available in department's library.


Directorate of Statistics (DoS) is the Nodal Agency for Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) in the state at state and district level. It is responsible for supervision, coordination and monitoring of the scheme. It maintains liaison with the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Government of India and all the Deputy Commissioners in the state.

Twenty Point Programme

Directorate of Statistics (DoS) is the nodal department in the state to monitor 20-Point Programme (TPP). For this purpose monitoring committees are set up by State at state and district level under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary and Deputy Commissioner respectively. TPP Unit brings out Monthly Progress Reports (MRP) indicating achievements of various departments and agencies of the state in respect of schemes/programmes covered under TPP on the basis of information received from concerned quarters.

Economic Census

Economic Census (EC) is periodically conducted by Government of India (GoI) after a specific period (generally 8 years) of time. So far five ECs (1977, 1980, 1990, 1998 and 2005 have been conducted and 6th EC is under process. This census is conducted by Central Statistics Office (CSO), GOI. GoI with the assistance of Directorates of Economics & Statistics (DES) in all states/ UTs which act as nodal agencies for this purpose in their respective states/UTs. To look after the work of Economic Census, an Economic Census Unit is set up in this Organisation.

Human Development Report

First Human Development Report of Punjab was released in 2004. In addition to it various thematic Reports & Studies including two District Human Development Reports were prepared by this department. All these reports are placed on department’s website.

Regular Statistical Publications/Works of Directorate of Statistics (DoS)

S.No. Statistical Publication/Work Periodicity
Statistical Publications:
1. Statistical Abstract of Punjab
Economic Adviser
2. Economic Survey of Punjab Annual
3. District-at-a Glance Annual
4. Village Directories- District wise Annual
5. Block-at-a-glance- District wise Annual
6. Estimates of State Income of Punjab Annual
7. Estimates of District Income of Punjab Annual
8. Critical Economic Indicators-Punjab V/S India Annual
9. Economic and purpose Classification of the Budget of Punjab Govt. Annual
10. Economic and Functional Classification of Municipal Budgets in Punjab Annual
11. Statistics of Public Finance in Punjab Annual
12. Municipal Statistics of Punjab Annual
13. Census of Punjab Government and Semi-Government Employees Annual
14. Energy Statistics of Punjab Annual
15. Farm Accounts in Punjab Annual
16. Family Budgets of Selected Cultivators in Punjab Annual
17. Infrastructure Statistics of Punjab Annual
18. Environment Statistics of Punjab Annual
19. Gender Statistics of Punjab Annual
20. Index of Industrial Production (IIP) Annual
21. Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial workers (CPI -IW) Monthly
22. Building Construction Cost Index (BCCI) Annual/ Quarterly
23. Whole Sale Price Bulletin Monthly
Other Statistical Works:
24. Industrial Statistics of Punjab (based on ASI data) Annual
25. Agricultural Labour Wages and Rural Retail Prices Monthly